The Richard Mille watch of Charles Leclerc which was robbed from him in April has been found by the Italian police who have detailed the situation.

Back in April, Ferrari’s Leclerc was robbed. He had a €300,000 worth Richard Mille watch ripped and robbed from his wrist one evening at a seemingly innocuous autograph session. The police were given the task to find the culprit since then.

A file was opened and low and behold, the case, three months on has now been resolved. As per Italian site iL Mattino, the case has been solved. As per the police, the thieves managed to take it and sell it in the market at a lower price.

The watch was sold for two hundred thousand euros but the printed signature of Leclerc made it difficult to be sold initially. There were three robbers who sold it to a Spanish entrepreneur who is a F1 fan, and split the money to put in clean businesses.

It’s a reflection of society and it’s very sad in this day and age. These three individuals were experts in their area of expertise and tried their best to not get caught. Apart from the case of Leclerc, the F1 grid has seen two more cases of theft.

Some weeks later, Sebastian Vettel was robbed at the Spanish GP. Jumping on a scooter, he tracked the thieves down using a GPS signal and recaptured his missing bag. And not forgetting the Lando Norris incident at the Euro 2020 final at Wembley where another Richard Mille watch was robbed when the Brit was mugged.

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