Christian Horner notes 2021 season will go down in history but 2022 F1 win has other charm as he recalls Max Verstappen’s highlights.

While Verstappen noted how his win in 2021 was different from 2022, Red Bull chief Horner concurred with the Dutchman mostly adding how last year will go down in the history as one of the all-time great seasons. He had full praise for his driver to handle the fight.

Horner agrees that Verstappen was on another level in 2022 with his epic comebacks and some dominant race wins as he sealed the deal in unusual circumstances in Japan. “Well look, I mean, 2021 was, was an epic year and I think it’ll go down in history, when we reflect on it in years to come as one of the all-time great seasons of Formula 1,” he started.

“And I think that Max, having been through that and triumphed at the end of that… And one forgets that he’s still so young, you know, 24 years of age, doing that last year coming into this year, I think he just made another step. And I think the maturity that he’s driven with, I think that he’s just taken it to another level this year.

“And you look at the grands prix that he’s won from, from earlier in the year. You know, the double-header in Imola was spectacular. His race in Miami with Charles in those early races, the racing that was wheel-to-wheel was stunning. And then he’s just kept going, like a metronome, he’s kept delivering. And the more pressure there was, the more he delivered. Some incredible victories.

“Hungary springs to mind, where he had to take a penalty and drive through the field. Spa, was totally dominant. The pressure of Zandvoort. So the list just goes on and on. And I think he has been truly outstanding this year. It’s been an incredible season for him. It’s been an incredible season for the team. And obviously, to win that in Japan, with four races to go, was quite some achievement.

“Despite the confusion at the time, whether he had actually won it or not, the thing that we’re most grateful for is that, thanks to the anomaly with the points and the fact that he was awarded full points, which we didn’t think when he crossed the line, Dietrich Mateschitz got to see him retain that championship as the last race that he watched. So that was very much the upside of doing it in Japan and being able to get it done early. And very, very special for him for the team and I think he’s been truly outstanding this year,” summed up Horner.

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