Servus TV hosted Sebastian Vettel along with Red Bull trio to talk about the 2022 F1 season and various other topics this week.

The 2022 F1 drivers’ champion Max Verstappen finally made his presence at Servus TV show alongside Red Bull team chiefs Christian Horner and Helmut Marko to talk about their win and the journey they have had this year under the new regulation.

They were also joined in by Sebastian Vettel, who has since retired from F1. Amid the discussions they had, Horner was asked if there are similarities between Vettel and Verstappen in the time he has spent with the two drivers who are champions.

He feels both the Red Bull drivers are ruthless, fearless and have a drive that is next level. Both always want to improve, not only themselves but also help the team to improve as well. He was asked who he got the most grey hair from, he said neither but smiled and answered it to Mark Webber.

The same question was put to Marko and he had a similar answer as Horner. He feels both are pretty much the same, even though one is more analytical while the other has a certain raw feeling and it is with absolute certainty that they a drive to win.

The anchor then moved towards Vettel where he was about Verstappen and his charisma. The German was quite open to admit that there are always moments as a driver when you see other drivers and think ‘I can do that as well’ but with the Dutchman, he often does things, whether it is an overtaking move or the speed in which he makes decisions in the car, that is something the four-time champion hasn’t seen often.

He was then asked if he remembers all his victories which he doesn’t unless something happened during that race that triggers a memory. The two drivers were then Max and handed some audios and they were to guess which race it was from.

The first one was from 2008 Italian GP which Vettel could guess when he was racing at Toro Rosso. The second audio was from Imola which the German guessed it right to win the little game. Amid this, Horner pointed that Marko deserves some respect for picking up the Brit, Vettel and Verstappen at Red Bull as they turned out to be good signings.

Vettel was also asked about his time at Ferrari in this period. The topic then switched to Horner ebing asked if it wasn’t frightening to see what the Dutchman has been doing in the sport with the speed at which he has learnt the nuances. The Brit states that he is still young and has already achieved so much with more to come.

Marko also acknowledged that Verstappen is still learning and growing as a driver, even though he’s already at a very high level. The Dutchman was then asked about the return of Hulkenberg, who is a good friend. He was certainly happy for it as Haas is returning to the midfield ways but he notes that it won’t be easy against Kevin Magnussen.

The Red Bull trio then left with Vettel joined by some other guests where they all discussed about the Football World Cup. Regarding his future, the German still hasn’t decided anything as he still hasn’t got the time away from F1 to reflect and decide.

Here’s the show (available only in selected places):

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