Hugo De Sadeeler has taken his first podium and first victory in Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 on Race 1 at Spa-Francorchamps. The Swiss driver led a Tech 1 Racing one-two witH Boccolacci second. Norris completes the podium.

We all expected to see another great battle between Norris and Defourny at Spa-Francorchamps but as we know, this place is the perfect site to overtake so everybody could have won today.

At the start, Max Defourny (Race-GP) jumped the start and took the lead, behind him Palmer contacted with Lando Norris (Josef Kaufmann Racing) who remain on second place, while Hugo de Sadeeler (Tech 1 Racing) took third position after overtake his team mate Dorian Boccolacci.

Impressively, De Sadeeler overtook Norris one lap later to take second position, while his team mates Sacha Fenestraz and Gabriel Aubry were fighting for fifth place, with Fenestraz with some front-wing damage, after a contact with Harrison Scott.

Defourny later had to join the pits for a drive-through penalty, while Robert Shwartzman (Josef Kaufmann Racing) punctured his tyre and had to retire. At that time, Norris was overtaken by Boccolacci.

So with ¾ of the race done, De Sadeeler was leading ahead of Boccolacci and Lando Norris, fourth was Fenestraz followed by Aubry, Allen and Habsburg who overtook Daruvala. Completed the top 10 Falchero and Troitskiy.

The race was going to an end and a retirement from Alessandro Perullo (Technorace) helped Max Defourny to reach 11th position with 2 minutes and one lap remaining. Henrique Chaves (AVF) had to retire as well.

Finally, Hugo De Sadeleer took his maiden victory in Eurocup, leading a one-two for Tech 1 Racing who managed to have his 4 cars in the point’s positions. Norris completed the podium while Defourny with the fastest lap of the race finished 11th.

In the championship standings, Lando Norris is leading by 56.5 points over Max Defourny and 63 over Boccolacci, which means that he can win the championship tomorrow. Stay tuned for a special article with championship chances for Norris, in

Results Race 1: 1 De Sadeeler 2 Boccolacci 3 Norris 4 Fenestraz 5 Allen 6 Aubry 7 Habsburg 8 Troitskiy 9 Daruvala 10 Falchero 11 Defourny 12 Korneev 13 Cordeel 14 Scott 15 Baptista 16 Perullo 17 Chaves 18 Shwartzman 19 Palmer