The FIA has shared details regarding the F1 Brazil GP in terms of track limits, changes to circuit, pitlane rule, DRS zones & more.

Due to drivers stopping at the end of the pitlane in the races in Singapore and Mexico where they did so to create gaps and maintain the time limit as per the FIA Race Directors’ Note, Niels Wittich has now taken action against it in F1 Brazil GP.

So far the drivers escaped any penalties but post Singapore, there was a call that Max Verstappen should have been penalised. Going forward, the FIA Race Director has revised the rule and banned the drivers from going unnecessarily slow and even stopping.

“As per article 33.4 of the Formula 1 Sporting Regulations, drivers are not allowed to go unnecessarily slow, that includes stopping a car in the fast lane of the pit lane,” stated the FIA note. “During Shootout and Qualifying, drivers may create a gap between the pit exit lights and the SC2 line.

“Any driver who wishes to do so must drive as far to the left as possible to allow other drivers to pass them on the right side of the pit exit road.” The track limits, meanwhile, remains the white line for this weekend’s F1 Brazil GP.

In terms of the changes made at Interlagos, there are several things undertaken as per the FIA Race Directors’ Note. Here’s the list of them:

  • TecPro barriers at exit Turn 1 on RHS have been replaced with new tires covered with conveyor belt.
  • Location of MP9 has been moved downstream by approx. 70 meters.
  • Resurfacing work from entry Turn 6 until exit Turn 7 on RHS in a layer of 5.5 m width.
  • Between Turn 9 and Turn 10 on RHS of the run-off, a new guardrail has been installed.
  • Between Turn 10 and Turn 11 on LHS, new FIA fence has been installed behind the guardrail.
  • The pedestrian bridge at Turn 14 LHS has been upgraded with new guardrails, FIA fence and concrete blocks as protection.
  • Removal of all artificial gras.

Looking at the DRS zones, the first’s detection zone is at the apex of Turn 2, with the activation being 30m after Turn 13. The second zone’s detection point is 30m after Turn 13, with the activation at 160m after Turn 15.

As for the four FIA stewards, the panel will be led by Dr. Gerd Ennser and he will be supported by Loic Bacquelaine, Vitantonio Liuzzi and Luciano Burti. In other news, Haas’ Kevin Magnussen missed media day and the press conference after his flight was cancelled but he is expected to arrive well before the lone practice session.

Here’s full FIA Race Directors’ Note:’s%20Event%20Notes.pdf

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