The FIA has informed that its Compliance Officer is in touch with Lance Stroll with regards to ‘several incidents’ during F1 Qatar GP.

In a strange information from the FIA side late on Tuesday, it stated about its Compliance Officer being in discussion with Aston Martin’s Stroll for ‘several incident’s that contravened the rules, policies and procedures during last weekend’s F1 Qatar GP.

“The FIA Compliance Officer is in discussion with Lance Stroll in relation to several incidents that may have contravened FIA rules, policies and procedures during the Qatar Grand Prix,” said a small statement from the FIA regarding the matter.

It is unclear as to which rule the FIA is looking into considering Stroll had multiple things going on during the weekend. First off was him shoving his personal trainer aftermath his Q1 exit in qualifying when he tried to show him the way towards outside the garage.

He threw his steering wheel as well while exiting the car as he went to the back of the garage. His post-qualifying interview was widely shared on social media which didn’t show him in good light where he was short on words but had cuss words.

Stroll wasn’t in good mood at all in his media briefing. At that moment, he noted that ‘we are good’ when asked about his terms with the trainer while adding: “We’re good. He’s a bro. We go through their frustrations together and we ride together, so we’re cool.”

Post-race on Sunday, Stroll was seen getting out of the car and going straight to the ambulance while feeling ill. He was taken to the medical center too where he was cleared as he was among the drivers who suffered whole lot due to heat and dehydration.

He finished ninth on the road but was demoted to 11th due to track limits penalty. He showed further frustration in the media. “It’s a joke that they’re giving penalties for this,” he said to media. “They don’t understand what Formula 1 is these days.

“What they’re putting us through, we’re given these track limit penalties and they’re making the track narrower and they’re saying we can’t drive over the kerbs because the tyres are failing if we do. The track limit thing is something that just has to be addressed because we’ve seen in Austria, we’ve seen this weekend, people getting penalties.

“It’s not like we’re gaining an advantage when we’re going off the track by three millimetres, 60 laps of concentration in 65-70 degree temperatures in the car with five, six and a half Gs. That’s the frustrating part. We hustled out there, I felt like we drove a good race to finish ninth on the road and then dropped to 11th outside the points with two penalties.

“It’s a really frustrating result to not get anything out of it,” summed up Stroll who continues to lag behind teammate Fernando Alonso. Aston Martin, meanwhile, has declined any comment regarding the discussion and or which case the FIA is exactly looking at.

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