F1 has signed a deal with Marelli to make it is official telemetry services supplier in order to improve its broadcast service to the fans.

In another new signing, F1 announced a sponsorship deal with Marelli as its official telemetry services supplier, which will provide technologies and services to improve its wider service given by F1 to the audience through its broadcast.

The signing will see quicker transfer of data from the cars to the F1 Broadcast center – which is based at the grand prix circuit and FormulaRapida.net has had an access to. The idea is to improve the quality and quantity of race information to the fans.

At the present juncture, the basic telemetry data is shared with the public watching at home, especially the positions of the drivers and the gap to its rivals. F1 has new additions made with regards to predictions for pit stops and other things as well.

The partnership can be promoted at a global level by Marelli as F1 has given them its Intellectual Property rights. Ross Brawn, Managing Director, Motorsports, Formula 1 said: “We are delighted to increase the scope of our long term relationship with Marelli utilising their advanced technologies to improve our telemetry systems.

“With this enhanced system, Formula 1 will be able to transfer a higher volume of live information from the F1 cars, improving the race watching experience for our fans, giving them greater insight and more detail about what it is happening during a F1 race.”

At the same time, Murray Barnett, Director of Sponsorship and Commercial Partnerships, Formula 1 said: “Marelli embodies the history and innovation of Formula 1. We are delighted to call them an Integrated Official Supplier of Formula 1.

This partnership is further evidence F1 is creating bespoke, inspiring partnerships for each partner. We look forward to a strong, mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come.” And finally, Riccardo De Filippi, Ceo Motorsport Business Unit of Marelli added:

“This partnership is both an honour and a great pleasure for us, and it represents the crowning of a long-term relationship with Formula 1, which has seen us working for many years at the very heart of the technical world of Formula 1.

“Marelli, through its know-how in the field of advanced connectivity, is delighted to enable the complex telemetry system of F1, aimed at technical use but also at entertainment. The results of Marelli experience in the motorsport world serve as an important incubator also for mass-production technologies.”

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