Valtteri Bottas looks back at his Mercedes F1 runs through the years upon his last visit, as Max Verstappen & Christian Horner talk through 2021 moments.

With he 2021 F1 season done and dusted, lots of reflecting videos are being shared by various outfits. Among the leading duo, Mercedes shared some of the last time of Bottas with them at their UK bases along with celebration of the eighth title.

Bottas was present with Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff, with the Brit still remaining off-grid since the dramatic Abu Dhabi finale. On the Finn’s side, he went through his moments with the team since he joined in 2017 after Nico Rosberg’s shock retirement.

Here’s the video of Bottas going through the years and moments:

On the flip side, Red Bull shared a video of Verstappen and Horner walking through the 2021 moments en-route to a world championship for the Dutchman. They do discuss the moments of Sergio Perez’s success too which had a crucial role.

Here’s Verstappen and Horner looking at 2021:

Here’s Max Verstappen and Red Bull on their future

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Here’s Honda on win for Max Verstappen

Here’s Toto Wolff on appeal drop and more