The talent of the Red Bull family have completed only 35 laps on a day where the action began on the wet track of circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and progresively was drying his new tarmac and when it was completely dry was when drivers posted their best times. It wasn’t Max case because he hadsome problems during the day to close an unexpected week of testing where Formula 1 saw snow over two of the four days.

“Yes, it has a big diference. I think it’s a positive change. Today we can’t do so many good laps because on this conditions which are not ideal it’s complicated. Today it was about t osee if everything was going well with the data from the car and if they correspond with headquarters data. Weather it’s not ideal but it’s teh same for all of us, I hope next week it can be sunnier”, told the dutchman from Barcelona at the conclusión of the day.

We got some ups and downs, but this hings happens. Anyway, conditions haven’t been ideal through the week and I hope next week could be sunnier”, admits Verstappen ina  week where all the complains were about the weather and the extremely cold temperaturas but he hopes an improvement for next week.

“It has been positive. We didn’t have normal runs so we checked that data from headquarters was the same in the car. We stay positive from it, despite timesheets don’t reflect it”, concludes the Red Bull driver who won the races last year on Malaysian GP and Mexican GP.