Richard Verschoor has taken the victory over Xavier Lloveras in Valencia Race 1 for F4 Spain. Volegov completes the podium of a crashed race.

It was a good start from Verschoor and Lloveras who keep top2, while his team mate in MP Motorsport, Danny Kroes drop to 7th. Nikita Voleglov took third position ahead of Tuomas Tujula and Marta Garcia (Drivex), while Antolin González (Drivex) had to retire.

The safety car made his appearance to retire González car. At the restart, Verschoor kept Lloveras behind, while Vartanyan (Drivex) and Kroes after pass Garcia, battled for 5th.

The Dutch driver was in a mission and easily overtook Vartanyan, and rapidly tried the same on Tujula (Double R Racing) but, both crashed at turn 1.

So the race ended with 5 cars on track and it was another victory for Richard Verschoor, his seventh in a row. Lloveras finished just behind him on second position as Nikita Volegov (Drivex) completes the podium. Vartanyan and Garcia close the standings.

Results: 1 Verschoor 2 Lloveras 3 Volegov 4 Vartanyan 5 Garcia 6 Tujula 7 Kroes 8 Gonzalez