After the presentation of the new Sauber-Alfa Romeo this morning, Renault has launched its new weapon. The RS18, must be another step towards the goal of fighting with the best. This is the main objective that was proposed by the brand just when they landed again in the Great Circus. With two young drivers of unquestionable quality, Renault wants to achieve great feats.

It will be the first full season of Carlos Sainz at the wheel of the French team. After the change with Jolyon Palmer, Renault strengthens with one of the best duos on the grid. Now it’s the turn of the car to be competitive. That’s why the RS18 is born.

Renault does not present a great innovation compared to the car of last season. It does not present exclusive details which can show that they can be hiding evolutions for the tests in Barcelona. If not, it seems a car without many risks, simple.

A narrower nose support, a wing quite similar to the 2017 as the bargeboards that are a derivation of last season. In general, a fairly continuous line of last season car.

A slight change in color to a lighter yellow, and a totally black side with some yellow line that makes it look elegant but striking at the same time.

The key will be in the propeller that the same brand manufactures for them and for clients like Mclaren or Red Bull. Fiability was the big problem of the Renault engine last season which afected in Renault’s results. Enstone’s team have expanded their facilities to finish precisely with the mechanical problems that prevented them from reaping better results during 2017.

Despite the good performance of the team, Cyril Abiteboul already warns that they will not fight for victories this year: “This long time is always needed. All have gone through the same. Look Mercedes, how many years have been good but not as they are now. Red Bull, the same”.

In addition Renault did not miss the opportunity to announce their new reserve drivers. After the departure of Sirotkin to Williams, the french team had vacant the position of third driver and the one of official tester. These seats will be filled by Jan Aitken and Artëm Markelov respectively.

Aitken was second at GP3 last season with the ART team and this year he has also made the leap to Formula 2. He will be the third driver of the team. It is not ruled out that Aitken participates in several tests this season.

Markelov meanwhile, is already an experienced driver in Formula 2, where this year he will compete for the fifth time with his team, Russian Time. He will be the test driver and will mainly have his work in the Enstone simulator.