Red Bull Racing’s Christian Horner, Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon featured on Talking Bull F1 podcast this week, with some interesting things said about lockdown, Project Pitlane and more

The third episode of the Talking Bull podcast came out this week, with some fascinating topics discussed in the virtual conversation between Horner, Verstappen and Albon that was held on Zoom. Here’s a snapshot of what was said:

  • The format of the podcast was interesting, with the guests asking each other questions, beginning with Horner asking Verstappen how much time he has put into iRacing – where he answered every day.
  • After this, Horner asked both of his drivers how they have been keeping fit and training as the Red Bull boss also shared that he is the fittest he has been in quite some time.
  • Next, there was further banter among the three about what they’ve been up to in quarantine, with all of them telling quite funny stories.
  • Fan questions were the next thing to come up, with Red Bull fans from all over asking a host of different questions to them all. Some of these included quarantine suggestions, lockdown food solutions, ‘if-you-were-stuck-on-an-island-who-would-you-bring?’ hypothetical, races that they want on the shortened calendar, and more.
  • One particularly interesting question was related to how the drivers deal with sneezing and driving when blinking or losing focus for just a second in the heat of battle can end your race – according to Verstappen and Albon, this is an issue they seldom have to deal with
  • Additionally, there was a discussion about reverse-track layouts, and whether this would work; the group agreed the answer was no but recognized that it would be fun. Albon had done it with Charles Leclerc and George Russell on F1 2019 game.
  • Post this, Horner resumed asking the questions again, asking things such about Alex’s brother Luca, telling of his side-gigs, and Red Bull’s work as part of Project Pitlane.

Here’s the link to the podcast:

Here’s Alexander Albon winning the Dutch Virtual GP

Here’s drivers trying tracks driving backwards