Racing Point’s Sergio Perez discussed about various things including Aston Martin, ESports racing while Haas F1 Team’s Guenther Steiner talked about US sponsors.

As it has become a norm, drivers and officials are using the social media platform to reach out to their fans and talk about various topics from the past, current times and or the future. Perez made his first appearance as well on F1 Instagram Live.

The Racing Point driver is in Mexico with his family but not at his home as he got stuck around a beach. Perez noted about the unusual situation with his country only getting into the stage with the COVID-19 cases only growing in South America.

Through his foundation, he has already donated food items and expects to do more. At present, he is with his family which has been unusual for him as he has been away for over a decade. It is new for his kids too, who reckon, he will leave soon for racing.

Among other topics, Perez talked about ESports and his urge to play against his F1 rivals but with roads closed, he is unable to get his simulator. They then switched to showcase his maiden podium, where he was fighting Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso in a Sauber.

It was the 2012 Malaysian GP where Perez ended up second. They discussed about his best F1 car, which he termed as the current un-raced Racing Point.  Staying with the new car and 2020 season, he added that they will see new records with it.

They then talked about his teammates, where he praised the work of Sauber teammate, Kamui Kobayashi. He felt that the Japanese driver was unbeatable if he had strung a lap together. He talked about Jenson Button, Nico Hulkenberg and Esteban Ocon as well.

Perez then relayed that race starts as the best portion of the whole F1 weekend for him, when asked by a fan. They ended the chat talking about Aston Martin switch, which he felt is kinda dream come true for him as well as the team to represent an iconic brand in F1.

They joked about getting a new car, where Perez said he may go for the new Valkyrie before ruling out. The Mexican, though, revealed that his friends are already phoning him up to ask for gifts and discounts.

Aside Perez, Pirelli F1 head Mario Isola connected with Haas’ Steiner – his ‘best’ friend – via Instagram Live as well. The Italian is in United States of America with his family, as they started the chat talking about his career growth in motor racing.

They joked a bit about Netflix and also Pirelli tyres, considering how 2019 went. Steiner relayed how his career in F1 kicked-off under Niki Lauda and his relation with the Austrian. Both recalled some stories as they also talked about Carlos Sainz Sr too.

An interesting topic which came about was Haas having American sponsors and the mention of General Motors’ Cadillac, considering the company’s involvement in racing in America. Steiner took it with interest but added the Ferrari situation.

He felt the conflict could rise as FCA has Dodge as a rival to Cadillac. Looking ahead to 2020 F1 season, Steiner was confident that there will be some racing to happen, with things still being discussed – if no July start, then at least something in August.

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