Haas F1 Team’s Romain Grosjean has plenty of topics discussed in a video interview with photographer Kym Illman through social media.

Illman is a F1 photographer who sat with Haas driver Grosjean to discuss on various topics which includes a reveal about the Australian GP which was cancelled at the last moment on Friday morning after positive test of COVID-19 in the paddock.

Here Grosjean says that he had a chat with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, who noted to him that the team has given him a go-ahead to leave Australia and that they are not going to compete just like the decision of McLaren on Thursday night.

Grosjean understood around 3AM that the Australian GP is more or less cancelled but stayed put until it was official. Outside that discussion, they talked about the Netflix Drive To Survive seasons and if the Frenchman had watched it or not.

They talked about Haas in general along with the F1 career of Grosjean and the 2018 Australian GP. As a photographer, Illman had some queries around his field as they then broke into the discussion of the Frenchman’s current daily routine plus social media.

Illman read out some questions from social media which Grosjean duly answered. The Frenchman is at home with his kids and wife, where he is spending as much time with them as possible. Here’s the full video of the interview:

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