Rivalry between Nelson Piquet Jr. and Lucas di Grassi has grown this year. Two Brazilian drivers have decided to participate in the same championships: FIA Formula E and Stock Car in Brazil. In this situations, Piquet Jr. exploded against his compatriot in a interview he granted at the same moment di Grassi announced his participation in Stock Car.

Everyone know about slyness of Piquet family. They don’t have a lot of problems to express what they think. And this is a new case, but in this occasion the protagonist is Nelson Piquet son. ‘Nelsinho’ granted an interview to a Brazilian journalist, Rodrigo Mattar, Gran Premi collaborator, in a bar in Sao Conrado, situated in Rio de Janeiro.

While Piquet was being  interviewed about present in motorsport and his personal situation, the news about di Grassi was announced. Piquet seemed very much surprised, who exploded against his compatriot launching him some reproaches.

“I think Lucas always insists on disturbing my career. I took his place in Renault and I was the first to win FIA Formula E championship. And he tried to veto my participation in the category. It was two slaps in his face. Really, I don’t know what is motivating this rivalry” declared Piquet Jr. after the announcement about di Grassi participation in Stock Car with Hero Motorsport.

Very harsh words from Piquet Jr. who has a intense rivalry with di Grassi. Two drivers have been in F1, WEC and Formula E, and now his ways bumped again in Stock Car. In the first season in Formula E, there was a lot of fights between them and two compatriots could have win the championship. Finally Piquet won it. Di Grassi also lost the title the next year, which won Sebastian Buemi, but he achieved to win the championship the last season.

However, di Grassi likes politician world. During a recent interview granted to Autosport, di Grassi said he wanted to become FIA president in the future. Asked for this declarations, Piquet answered: “Lucas want to be the center of attention”.

Di Grassi will be RCM driver in Hero Motorsport. For this reason, he will face to Nelson Piquet Jr, who will participate with Full Time Academy, in the same team as Rubens Barrichello and Ricardo Mauricio. Two Formula E champions have the same experience in the category because they have participated sometimes in races which drivers share their car with invited drivers.

Piquet answered with sarcasm the participation of his opponent in Stock Car. “I’m surprised. Maybe he has decided to compete in Stock Car because of money or for his ego. He is very worried about it. It’s surprising”.

Lastly, Piquet accepted the challenge of this season and he claimed he is ready to defeat di Grassi whenever. Now, in Formula E, Piquet is winning di Grassi because the current champions don’t have any point. “I’m in very good moment to fight against him and this is the cause because we compete. It’s the fire what we have inside, we want to fight”.