If yesterday it was knew that Russian Time, the team who won the championship last season of Formula 2, announced Tadasuke Makino as one of their drivers, we also noticed who will be Makino’s teammate and it will be one of the russian time drivers. It will be, efectively, Artem Markelov.

The 23 years old rusian driver, repeats in 2018 and becomes the main driver to beat this season. In 2017 he finished second, just behind of Charles Leclerc and he won 5 races trough the season. So, knowing that Leclerc will compete in F1 with Sauber and, the other big rival, Rowland anounced he will compete with Manor on WEC, Markelov becomes the best option to win this year FIA Formula 2 championship.

“We had a strong season in 2017 when I won five times and finished second to Charles Leclerc in the championship, so it would be nice to go one better!”, said Markelov in front of a new season with a time which he had so goob feelings. It will be interesting to know if the russian does a good teamwork with Makino because, they will have to win again the title of 2017.

Svetlana Strelnikova, as team principal, she also said that Russian Team it’s to win both championships: “As champions we are looking forward to competing with the numbers 1 and 2 on our cars in 2018 in what looks like being another exciting, closely-fought championship.”