Niktia Mazepin says he is disappointed with his F1 contract termination, especially when he was willing to sign the FIA declaration.

After Haas announced its decision to terminate the contract with Uralkali and Mazepin, the Russian driver shared his first feelings of disappointment with the outcome. In a small statement from the youngster, he ended with a ‘more to come’ on the episode.

Mazepin noted that the decision to end the contract was taken without taking into consideration of his willingness to adhere to the FIA declaration. The governing body has released a form for drivers from Russia and Belarus to fill, in order to compete.

The drivers will have to shed away anything related to Russia and or Belarus which includes the colours of its flag too. Mazepin states that Haas took the unilateral step while completely ignoring the due process and his plea to accept the conditions to race.

For now, Mazepin is without a drive as Haas is to announce his replacement whether short-term or long-term early next week, with names like Pietro Fittipaldi and Antonio Giovinazzi in the frame. What happens of the Russian driver remains to be seen.

While on track, Mazepin is out of F1, he is due to feature in Netflix’s Drive to Survive Season 4’s episodes. In fact, they filmed him and his father Dimtry for a special episode on him and his step into the sport from Russia.

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