The FIA has released further details regarding its decision of not allowing Russian and Belarus drivers and officials in racing events.

Following the announcement from FIA World Motor Sport Council regarding the decision to limit Russia and Belarus’ participation in their sanctioned events after the invasion of former of Ukraine, the governing body has released further details of how it will be implemented.

The circular has been sent to all of the FIA members, license-holders, competitors, officials, organisers and everyone else. The key points remain as it is with no events allowed in Russia and Belarus from March 1, 2022, onward until further notice.

This includes both national and international events. No teams will be allowed from either country to participate as well with no symbols or colours or flags to be used. In terms of officials and drivers, they can compete but will have to forgo the Russian/Belarus status.

They will have to sign a strict declaration form provided by the FIA to take part in any competition. Unlike the doping ban of Russian athletes where they were allowed to compete under ‘Russian Automobile Federation’ name, this time it won’t be allowed.

Failing to sign or adhere to the new set of regulations will lead to sanctions and penalties from the FIA under the International Sporting Code. Here’s the full recap of the circular sent by the governing body:

The purpose of this circular is to notify all FIA Members, licence‐holders, competitors, officials, organisers, and other FIA stakeholders of the decisions of the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) made at the extraordinary meeting of the WMSC held on 1 March 2022, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The FIA unequivocally condemnsthe Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the support provided by Belarus. The decisions of the WMSC represent the strong commitment of the FIA to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, the Federation Automobile d’Ukraine, and all of those suffering as a result of the ongoing conflict.

This circular follows the FIA press release dated 1 March 2022.


In accordance with Article 16.3 of the FIA Statutes, the WMSC issued the following decisions:

  • Competitions organized on the territory of Russia and Belarus
  • No international/zone competition to take place in Russia and Belarus, until further notice

Drivers, competitors and officials

  • No Russian/Belarusian national teams to participate in international/zone competitions (e.g. No flag/symbol or anthem of Russia/Belarus to be used in international/zone competitions, until further notice. FIA Motorsport Games), until further notice.
  • Russian/Belarusian drivers, individual competitors and officials to participate in international/zone competitions only in an individual and neutral capacity (as Authorised Neutral Drivers (AND) or Authorised Neutral Competitors (ANC) or Authorised Neutral Officials (ANO), subject to specific commitment and adherence to the FIA’s principles of peace and political neutrality, until further notice. This decision applies to drivers of Russian/Belarusian nationality and to drivers of any another nationality competing under the Russian or Belarusian ASN. Any Russian/Belarusian driver or other driver competing under the Russian or Belarusian ASN who does not sign a declaration committing to adhere to the FIA’s principles of peace and political neutrality will not be allowed to participate in any international/zone competitions.
  • No Russian/Belarusian national symbols, colours, flags (uniform, equipment and car) should be displayed or anthems should be played at international/zone competitions, until further notice.


The WMSC decisions were implemented with immediate and binding effect on 1 March 2022 and will remain in force until further notice. Addressees of this circular must take all  necessary steps to implement and comply with the WMSC decisions.

In this regard:

  • Clubs, Associations, and Federations that are members of the FIA are reminded of their obligation under Article 6.3 of the FIA Statutes to accept, observe, and enforce all decisions taken by the bodies of the FIA, including the WMSC;
  • all persons involved in FIA activities are reminded of their obligation under Article 6.6 of the FIA Statutes to comply with the FIA Statutes, rules, regulations, and decisions of the FIA; and.
  • any person or group of persons, organising or taking part in a Competition are reminded of their obligations pursuant to Article 1.3.1 of the International Sporting Code to comply with the statutes and regulations of the FIA and the decisions of the sporting authority and the consequences arising from them.

Any refusal or failure to comply with the WMSC decisions will constitute a breach of Article 12.2.1.e of the International Sporting Code, and may result in the imposition of a penalty or sanction under Article 1.3.2 or Article 12 of the International Sporting Code, Article 4.4 or Article 25 of the FIA Statutes, Article 5 of the FIA Judicial and Disciplinary Rules, or under any other applicable provision of the FIA rules and regulations.

Copies of the International Sporting Code, the FIA Judicial and Disciplinary Rules and the FIA Statutes are available here:

  • International Sporting Code.
  • FIA Judicial and Disciplinary Rules
  • FIA Statutes.

The FIA continues to carefully monitor the events in Ukraine and reserves the right to take any further actions or implement further measures in the future, including any necessary actions required to comply with its obligations under any applicable sanctions regime and/or any contracts to which the FIA is a party.

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