Breaking news in Barcelona RX! Stewarts have decided to disqualify today’s winner Mattias Ekström because of the contact that he has had with Petter Solberg at the start of the race. Thus, means that Johan Kirstoffersson inherits victory.

Polemic decision in Catalunya RX. Stewarts has disqualified Mattias Ekström because of an avoidable contact with Petter Solberg.

Solberg had a better starting position and saw how he was out of space when he arribed at turn 1, because of Ekström movements. Solberg crashed into the barriers in a spectacular way.

He was dominating the whole weekend, and suddenly he was last, while Ekström took advantage of the situation to take the victory over Johan Kirstoffersson and Sébastien Loeb.

Afterwards, Solberg and Ekström were interviewed by stewards who have finally decide to exclude Ekström from race results.