Juncos Racing driver Kyle Kaiser will start this afternoon from pole position at St Petersburg IndyLights race 1.


The session started with perfect weather conditions at St Petersburg. Santi Urrutia and Andre Negrao were the first drivers to set times, beating yesterday’s best times. The improvement of the track was big, and soon both drivers times were beat by the top drivers.

Kyle Kaiser (Juncos Racing) and Felix Rosenqvist (Belardi Auto Racing) set the fastest times, with only 40 thousands of a second between them. Rosenqvist was on a final fast lap, but he couldn’t complete it because of an accident of Dean Stoneman, which ended the session, and gave the pole position to Kaiser. Third place was for Zach Veach (Belardi Auto Racing).

Top 10: Shelby Blackstock, Scott Hargrove, Rc Enerson, Felix Serralles, Andre Negrao, Santiago Urrutia and Zachary Claman de Melo.