George Russell took his second pole position in GP3 at Silverstone ahead of Anthoine Hubert and Nirei Fukuzumi.

The early stages of the session had the ART Grand Prix of George Russell and Anthoine Hubert setting the fastest laps ahead of Dorian Boccolacci (Trident). Unlike in F2, GP3 cars managed to improve on their second flyers which allowed Nirei Fukuzumi (ART GP) to come up to 2nd ahead of Boccolacci who improved from Hubert.

Only Leonardo Pulcini (Arden) decided to run in the gap without helping since he signed the last time. Jack Aitken (ART GP) was the first driver to improve in the second part of the session but he was successively beaten by Fukuzumi and Russell and Hubert took the 2nd best time.

George Russell took back championship lead following his pole position where he was ahead of Anthoine Hubert and Nirei Fukuzumi. Boccolacci, Lorandi, Aitken, Kari, Maini, Tveter and Falchero completed the top 10.