Lewis Hamilton is set to be knighted after he gets his name in this year’s New Year’s Honours list as per report from British media.

Having discussed often in the last few years, Mercedes’ Hamilton is set to be knighted and named as ‘Sir Lewis Hamilton’ going forward as per The Sun’s report, late on Saturday night. The British F1 racer is to feature in this year’s New Year’s Honours list.

Hamilton beat Michael Schumacher’s record of most F1 wins earlier in the 2020 season and last weekend in Turkey, he equaled the seven title record as well, with a chance of breaking it in 2021 if he sticks around with Mercedes for another year.

The major hurdle for Hamilton has been his tax issues, especially because he moved to Monaco. But as per The Sun, the higher authorities see the tax side ‘all in order’, which paves way for the British F1 star to receive knighthood.

The Sun has quoted a friend of Hamilton – without revealing his/her name – with the exclusive news: “This is an honour that has eluded Lewis for so many years. It marks an incredible end to the most wonderful season.”

After winning his seventh F1 title, Hamilton spoke about the topic in the post-race press conference at length, where he said: “I don’t think I’ll be here in my forties but, y’know, still, I’m only 35. I feel young and fresh. Every year we talk about this and I naturally get the questions and I don’t really have anything different to say, compared to before. I think when I think about that honour, I think about people like my grandad who served in the war, I think about Sir Captain Tom who got knighted and waited a hundred years for that incredible honour.

“The people that are running hospitals, the nurses and doctors who are saving lives during the hardest time ever. I think about those unsung heroes and I don’t look at myself as an unsung hero. I’ve not saved anybody. It is an incredible honour that a small group of people have had bestowed upon them. All I can say is that standing, and hearing the national anthem I’m very, very proud. I am a very proud Brit and that, as I said before, this really is like the most special moment to be able to represent… to be up there representing a nation.

“Having the flag over your head, over number one, that is such an incredible honour. That’s really all I have to say about it. It’s not something that I think about, it’s not something that I… I’ve got a lot of work to do. There’s more work to do here in this sport. As I said, we’ve got… I think this year we’ve had this awakening and I think people hopefully are starting to be held accountable and holding themselves accountable and realising that’s actually not a really bad thing.

“It just means we’ve got to work harder, we’ve got to not be so stubborn, open our minds up and educate ourselves a bit better so we can push for a more equal world. I’m not going to stop fighting for that. And then part-time maybe I’ll keep racing for a little while.”

Here’s the original report: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13263639/lewis-hamilton-knighthood-new-years-honours/

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[Note: FormulaRapida.net understands The Sun is not the best of sources and for that reason, we have linked the original story. We are taking a leap of faith in the news but cannot say with certainty that it will come true at this juncture.]