Guenther Steiner says Haas is not in hurry to decide the fate of Kevin Magnussen’s teammate for 2023 F1 season as Mick Schumacher remains a contender.

As they head towards the end of the 2022 F1 season, there are couple of seats yet to be form for 2023 especially at Haas and Williams. The former has Magnussen set but are to confirm his teammate with Schumacher certainly at a prime position.

But there’s no hurry as per Haas chief Steiner, who notes that there’s plenty of things moving around. The main crux for them is to identify their needs that can compliment Magnussen and take the team forward in 2023 and 2024.

While Schumacher is on the list, names like Nico Hulkenberg and Antonio Giovinazzi have popped up as well with Steiner not ruling out anybody just yet. But it remains to be seen when they end up deciding with not long left for the season to end.

“Because we’re not in a hurry,” said Steiner when asked a timeline of decision. “And there’s not a lot of things moving. So why should I be in a hurry? That [who can compliment Magnussen] is what we are looking at. It’s a little bit… What do we need to do to get the team better, to help ourselves? What kind of drivers?

“We just want to see how Mick is doing. There’s a lot we are watching. We are not just sitting there doing nothing, we are seeing what is happening and we know we want where we want to go: we need to get a stronger team for next year and for the future. So that is why we are waiting.

“So, as I said, there is no hurry and we are thinking it properly through. The only thing we don’t want to make, maybe next year, saying we made the wrong decision because we didn’t follow through enough, you know? And not having the pressure to do anything – because I don’t think there is a lot of opportunities out there anymore, and we will not miss any of them – we are not in a hurry,” summed up Steiner.

Here’s Guenther Steiner on updates brought by Haas