Lewis Hamilton spent quality time discussing about his upcoming movie prior to F1 Singapore GP weekend as he explained the challenges.

Apple Studios confirmed about the project they are working on involving Hamilton, who is one of the producers. Brad Pitt is the leading actor who is playing a role where he comes from retirement to compete against a rookie F1 driver.

Prior to the F1 Singapore GP, Hamilton spent time with Pitt, movie director Joe Kosinski and producer Jerry Bruckeimer, regarding the plot and the plan. This was more or less a first-time experience for the Brit to be involved in such a big scale.

For Hamilton, it is a continuous learning process about the filming industry and the challenges they have to go through to get a move together, something that he has never seen as he always went to the movies seeing the end product.

“At the moment we’re still working through the script,” said Hamilton. “And so yeah, I’ve been out in LA. It wasn’t this this trip, but the one before, visiting Jerry’s office, which was pretty epic, and sitting with Brad and Joe and just going through the plot and the plan, It was a pretty epic kind of experience. And then this time, I was just hanging with Jerry.

“Yeah, we were on set of another movie that was being filmed, which was Eddie Murphy’s movie, which was very, very cool. Huge fan of Eddie Murphy, so I got the chance to meet him. And yeah, getting to work and spending time with these people. You’re just learning more about the industry and the challenges and how they go about making great movies that we’ve all grown to love throughout our lives.

“Yeah, I got to hang with some of the guys that do John Wick, just filming John Wick 4 as well. So just having lots of conversations and trying to learn as much as I can from all these great and talented people. “I think the industry is, I think it’s literally the… We arrive at a movie theatre and with no comprehension of how much work goes on in the background, how much preparation there is, how big a team there is in the background.

“They have similar issues with diversity, for example, in terms of behind the camera. I think what I’m most impressed by is seeing some of the organisations for example, like Disney, the real steps… They’re really pushing for diversity. They’ve got a lot of female leadership throughout the different companies, which is great to see, and you’ve already seen on TV today, for example the new Ariel movie that’s coming out.

“I don’t know if any of you saw the video of the young kids that are watching and that she’s like… she looks… she’s the same colour as me. So there’s a lot of work that’s been done in the industry and there’s so much to learn from these people that have been there, the greats. Still, yet to meet Spielberg… one day,” summed up Hamilton.

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