Guenther Steiner says the updates that Haas brought in Hungary has corroborated well with the wind tunnel data and now its about extracting performance.

It took some time for Haas to bring its updates after they put them on one car in Hungary just before the summer break. Post the holidays, they had it for both Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher, but the results haven’t come by for them so far.

In fact, they haven’t scored a point since France as they sit seventh with 34 points, where Al[haTauri is only one behind. Ahead of Singapore GP, Steiner stated that the updates have worked in the sense that the numbers that they saw on wind tunnel is what they see on track.

It is now for Haas to extract the maximum of the performance in the upcoming races and Steiner is confident of better results. They are mostly to work on the balance side and hope that the tracks will suit their car more as well to aide in getting those points.

“We tested the upgrade in Hungary and then introduced it to both cars after the summer break,” said Steiner. “We have no comparison between cars anymore, but we can see the increased downforce, the data matching the wind tunnel data, so that’s a success and that’s what we were after.

“How much faster it makes the car is always difficult to understand because you have nothing to compare like-to-like anymore, but we are confident that the upgrade worked and in general it’s just more downforce over the car. Now we have to find a good balance for the car, and hopefully we can get some more points out on the tracks that suit our car better than the high-speed tracks like Spa and Monza,” summed up Steiner.

Here’s Kevin Magnussen, Guenther Steiner on Haas’ line-up for 2023