German magazine Die Aktuelle has published an Artificial Intelligence generated interview of Michael Schumacher causing irk among fans.

Considering how private the Schumacher family has been with regards to Michael and his condition, German magazine Die Aktuelle created a stir when it published this month’s edition carrying an interview of the seven-time F1 champion.

It went on to promote it as ‘first’ and ‘exclusive’ where they even noted that this is not any friend or family, but Schumacher himself. The interview mostly talked about his current life since the skiing accident and his children Mick and Ginna.

The publication did gave a hint later on from where it was done as it mentioned that the interview was online. So far, the Schumacher family hasn’t responded to the alleged ‘world exclusive’ interview which fans and alike are terming it to be in a bad taste.

Ever since the skiing incident, there hasn’t been a single interview with Schumacher and attempts at leaking photos and information has been dealt with police. In fact, several tabloids and publications try to stir the pot by using statements from friends.

However, most remain inaccurate or old generic statements being used as brand new just to get some views on their websites or sell papers/magazines. It remains to be seen if any action is taken by the Schumacher family on this particular interview.

UPDATE: The Schumacher family has responded to the AI generated interviews as they noted ESPN that they will take action against the German publication legally.


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