Hong Kong-based businessman and philanthropist Calvin Lo has once again pushed his wish to be involved in F1 in a large way.

Having showed interest last year about expanding his reach in F1, Lo has once again pushed on the idea of more Asian presence in the sport after the recent rise of American investors and grands prix due to the popularity of Netflix Drive to Survive.

Lo already has presence in F1 via Dorilton Capital, who are prime owners of Williams Racing. The extent of his investment is not declared due to confidentiality but the owner of R.E Lee International wishes to increase his reach in the sport in a larger way.

“I could say that there are involvements through investment companies to be co-investing into that team,” he said in an interview to Reuters. “I think that’s the most I could say, especially now that we’re possibly bidding for a new team for 2026. The financial part, believe it or not, to me is actually not the biggest problem.

“It’s actually gathering all the expertise, the mechanics, the whole team together, into one unit. So right now there are a few opportunities coming up, and we are talking quite seriously with a few teams. I’m just here waiting, looking at the reports, looking at the numbers, making sure everything looks fine for the long term,” summed up Lo.

Outside of his Williams investment, Lo indicated being in touch with couple of upcoming F1 outfits where one has already applied. He seemingly ruled out being involved with Andretti/Cadillac and or Hitech GP bids which leaves Panthera as the prime focus.

Pathera is another group who are looking to have Asian influence in F1 with the aim of having factory set-up in the Asian region rather than Europe or United Kingdom. “I think there are a lot more Asian players, investors, who want to get into this sport – more than we could ever imagine,” he said.

“I’m fortunate enough to be able to know many of them and they’ve sounded out and expressed their interest in getting involved. So a consortium, pool resources together. I would like to see F1 to be more involving Asia, more Asian talent, not just the drivers but from behind the scenes.”

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