The FIA notes of no ongoing investigation with regards to the said conflict involving a F1 team principal and employee of FOM.

After shaking up the media world and also the paddock opening up a potential conflict case involving a F1 team boss and a FOM employee, in couple of days the FIA has closed it as well, releasing a statement of no ongoing investigation.

The FIA never mentioned the involvement of Mercedes’ Toto Wolff and F1 Academy’s Susie Wolff, but the recent report linked it to them where the team had to release a statement along with Formula 1 and even Susie to put down the allegations.

In a surprise move, all of the nine F1 teams released a statement of their own to declare having not made any complaints to the governing body about it. A day later, the FIA has shut the case citing FOM’s robust measure to counter confidentiality breach.

The governing body is satisfied how the FOM’s compliance management works to prevent any breach and has since closed the case. The statement once again names no one with the governing body keeping the names out of media statement from their end.

“Following a review of Formula One Management’s F1 Code of Conduct and F1 Conflict of Interest Policy and confirmation that appropriate protective measures are in place to mitigate any potential conflicts, the FIA is satisfied that FOM’s compliance management system is robust enough to prevent any unauthorized disclosure of confidential information.

“The FIA can confirm that there is no ongoing investigation in terms of ethical or disciplinary inquiries involving any individual. As the regulator, the FIA has a duty to maintain the integrity of global motorsport. The FIA reaffirms its commitment to integrity and fairness,” the statement read.

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