Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton both are cautious in giving their opinion on Felipe Massa’s legal case regarding the 2008 F1 championship.

After weeks of thoughts given to it, Massa finally kick-started the legal case regarding the results of the 2008 F1 title. While he doesn’t seem to be after changing the results due to the crashgate situation in Singapore GP by Renault, but more on other sides.

One primary aspect his the loss he suffered due to the happening and so the compensation towards it. The other aspect is F1 and the FIA acknowledging the fact that Massa could have been the rightful champion if not for what happened in Singapore.

The legal team of Massa sent a notice to both the offices of F1 and the FIA, who are yet to respond – or at least on public forum. If there is no favourable decision, the Brazilian’s team may take further action which they will convey depending on the reply.

The current Ferrari F1 boss Frederic Vasseur wasn’t too keen to give his say and eson’t think results will change or he isn’t a fan of changes. “As you can imagine, I don’t want to make any comment on this matter as I have a good relationship with all the stakeholders,” he said. “It is quite tricky as the circumstances were completely exceptional.

“But more generally, and not about Felipe, we are also trying to push the FIA to know the result of the event at the chequered flag. And perhaps this…I don’t know, I don’t want to make any comment, but for sure it would be strange [to change something]. I’m not a big fan to change the result of the race [even] 15 minutes after the chequered flag,” summed up the Ferrari boss.

When the same was asked to Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton who went on to win the 2008 F1 title, the Brit didn’t wish to comment either. He was asked if he has any sympathy with Massa over this and if remembers his feelings during the happening.

“I have a really bad memory, so I don’t really remember a lot, to be honest,” Hamilton said to media at Zandvoort. “I’m really just focused on the here and now and helping the team get back into the championship and the race.  I’m not really focused on what happened 15 years ago.”

Here’s details on the legal push