With the Bahrain test completed, FIA Formula 2 preseason on track gets to the end. Now it’s time to wait to the first race weekend on this circuit. This track it’s one which team are familiarized because it’s a track where there are races on the championship calendar, so the information is eventually more valuable.

Because of it, drivers have done lots of laps on this two days of testing where Nick de Vries from Prema Powerteam was the fastest driver, after Lando Norris dominance at Paul Ricard. Obviusly, this time was sunny and rain and snow didn’t appeared. So, the drivers of the feeder series could be able to post the best times that this new Formula 2 cars allow them.

On the second day, Arden surprised everyone being the fastest team with Maximilian Günther and also the slowest team with the japanese Nirei Fukuzumi. Ity’s not expected t osee them fighting for victories, but with this new era of the series, anytthing can happen. Anyway, the pace it’s there, because the german driver set the best time of the two days.

As we seen at Paul Ricard test, Norris and and the two ART where close to Günther. So, there is a lot to discover during the season and the first taste will be at this circuit where we will see more about the performance of everyone. The truth is that it’s a big negative surprise t osee Fukuzumi at the back of teh grid so often, because there are better expeectations from the former ART driver from GP3.