Sebastian Vettel will be part of Goodwood Festival of Speed where he will drive F1 cars on alternate fuel.

Having made his Goodwood Festival of Speed debut in 2012 with Red Bull, Vettel will return to the event after 10 years this year for the July 13-16 event. He will drive multiple F1 cars on alternative and sustainable fuels as he is campaigning for.

He drove the Williams car last year using the alternate fuel during the British GP at Silverstone and he will do the same in Goodwood Festival of Speed. He is slated to drive Nigel Mansell’s Williams FW14B and Ayrton Senna’s McLaren MP4/8.

Apart from the two F1 cars, he will drive some of the cars from his own collection too and spend rest of the time talking to visitors about alternative fuels and its use. “It’s great to be coming back to Goodwood after all these years,” said Vettel.

“I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of some of my most memorable cars which will be running on sustainable fuel over the weekend. I’m a passionate racer and it’s important to me that we continue to enjoy driving iconic racing cars today and in the future, but that we do so in a responsible way.”

Meanwhile, the Duke of Richmond added: “I have fond memories of Sebastian’s first visit to the Festival of Speed in 2012 and am hugely excited to welcome him back to Goodwood. I know our fans will be delighted to have an opportunity to celebrate his incredible career and to see him in action on the Hill.

“His attitude towards sourcing alternative fuels absolutely aligns with our plans across the event and the wider Estate to ensure we are shining a light on this important topic and protect motorsport for the next generation.”

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