Sebastian Vettel has become lead investor and brand advocate of BACX energy drink which is 100% natural and plant-powered beverage.

While his former team Aston Martin is making headlines at 2023 F1 season for the mega job they have done with the AMR23, Vettel is living his post racing life at ease with his family. In addition to it, the German is not shying away from investing too.

The four-time F1 champion has been announced as the lead investor and Global Brand Advocate of BACX, which is 100% natural, plant-powered performance drink. Vettel was inspired by the sustainable values of the company and beverage.

“BACX is the first in my 15-year F1 career to have kept me energised right until the end of a Grand Prix, without any stomach problems. This inspired me to get involved, alongside our mutual values of sustainability,” said Vettel in the announcement post from BACX.

It further stated: “We’re thrilled to announce that four-time Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel joins BACX, as both a lead-investor in the business and as Global Brand Advocate! Sebastian joins us to support our mission to help people on their fitness journeys, through the use of our plant-based performance drinks. As part of the partnership, we will also be donating 2% of every sale to a cause both Sebastian and BACX founder Jason care deeply about.”

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