Sebastian Vettel puts down McLaren link as rumours, while adding that he has clear intention to continue racing in F1 for now.

The silly season in F1 is one of the most scrutinised segments of a Grand Prix campaign.  Halfway through the 2022 campaign and there is already talk about 2023 and a lot of them are sorted for 2023, like Sergio Perez and Pierre Gasly, the two most focal examples.

Also, Daniel Ricciardo has a contract for McLaren in 2023 but there is still rumours around the Australian for next season. For now, Vettel has no contract at Aston Martin for 2023 just yet. Of course, that may change and it seems the team are keen to keep the German but of late, a wild rumour linked him with McLaren.

As of now, Lando Norris is on a long term contract which has been well documented. Ricciardo has a contract too but there are ifs and buts around same. When speaking to media, Vettel treated the McLaren rumour with amusement.

“I think Lando has a contract,” said Vettel. “No, I know some people there, but I think it’s just rumours.” The “silly season” is like a jigsaw and once one piece is fitted into place, others do tend to follow suit and that is all it needs.

Half the season gone, Vettel, without a drive for the 2023 campaign as it stands, does intend to continue for another season (at least). Where he will be team wise is the case scenario but Aston Martin appear to have a good shot at resigning him.

“Well, I’m racing this weekend, and the next one,” joked Vettel. “Then, yeah, obviously I’ve said that at some point, we’ll start to talk. I’m talking to the team. I think there’s a clear intention to keep going. And we’ll see soon where we stand.”

Here’s Sebastian Vettel driving the Aston Martin TT1

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