Oleksandr Bondarev is a karting driver with Ukrainian and Spanish roots. He has been winner of the Ukrainian national championship, winner of the WSK Super Master Series and has added two podiums in the Italian championship and in the FIA karting Academy Trophy.

On 2 May this year, his life took a radical turn after he broke his leg in an accident. The event took place in Zuera, Spain, circuit which was the venue for the CIK-FIA European Karting Championship.

It all turned out to be a scare

During the race, Bondarev lost positions and was forced to make a comeback. He was in eighth place, aiming for the top five when the accident happened. The kart of a rival, Dmitry Mateev, ran over his front bumper and a tyre hit his hull and flew off.

Bondarev, stopped in the middle of the track, was finally rammed by Sankka Dahlstrom, who could not avoid him as the previous seven drivers had done. The race was stopped and both drivers were medically treated, with Bondarev bearing the brunt, who had to undergo surgery for his leg injuries.

Two months os surgery and rehabilitation

The driver himself, with whom FormulaRàpida has spoken, has indicated that “In the hospital it was not easy. I had several fractures in the accident in Zuera, and as a result 10 surgeries in two months. The hardest days were the race weekends, because I was watching them and I couldn’t compete for the victory. That was the hardest.

Despite all this, Oleksandr told us that he felt supported by his loved ones: “I am very happy to have a big family who have given me a lot of support these days. All the members of my big family came from different parts of the world to spend time with me, play some games, watch races, films and talk and laugh together. My coach Andriy Honta, my mechanic Joseph Aragon, my race photographer Arnau Vinyals and even the FIA narrator Jake Sanson”.

He has received messages from all over the world: “All those good people want to see me back on the track, and I won’t let them down”.

He has a special memory for the effort his mother has made to be with him all the time: “My mother is a hero, she has spent every day with me, helping me with everything and keeping me motivated and busy at all times”.

After those two long months, he was finally released from hospital. During this time, the young man has dedicated himself to finishing around 30 Lego constructions, which have brightened up his stay at the Quirón hospital in Barcelona.

“On my tenth day in hospital, my mum brought a Lego set so that I could forget about the pain for a bit while I was building it. Then, the next day, there was another set and so on… and within a month, my hospital room was already a Lego museum named after my broken leg. I made many friends among the nurses and hospital staff in this way. Then, after 70 days in the hospital, we had to rent a van to take all the built Legos home.”

Bondarev is already thinking about the next steps.

After being discharged, Bondarev did not hesitate to show his happiness in networks as well as his ambition, as the young man is already thinking about returning to the tracks and continue adding triumphs as he had accustomed us.

During this time, “I didn’t stop training my upper body and right leg in the hospital. I adapted my training exercises to my current condition. I don’t want to get out of shape so much. And, of course, as soon as the cast is removed, I will start rehabilitation. I need to hurry up. I want to run and get back on the track!”

His story of overcoming should serve as an example, not only to sportsmen, but to anyone. Oleksandr’s challenge was enormous, but he has never lost the will to keep fighting to recover. After two intense months of hard work, he has managed to take the first step. Now, there is no doubt that he will continue to work to recover 100% and to be able to continue fighting for his dreams on the track, competing again and enjoying karting.