Mike Krack hopes to keep Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin in F1 2023 as he notes how valuable he is for the team along with Lance Stroll.

Halfway through the 2022 campaign and Aston Martin currently sit ninth in the constructors’ title race. It’s been a tough season so far but slow and steady progress is happening. For 2023, Lance Stroll is a shoe in but the questions remain over Vettel and will he sign for a third season with the Silverstone-based outfit.

Some may say his star has waned a little since his Red Bull days and his latter period at Ferrari could be deemed to have been a tad indifferent. However, there is absolutely no accounting for experience and he has it in abundance. It’s been a challenging two years for Aston Martin, they have scored 95 points since the beginning of the 2021 season and the German has score 61% of those points.

With what he has done previously in the sport, Aston Martin should endeavour to ensure he signs for a third season. “Well, we are in talks, Sebastian is very, very positive, very constructive, so from that point of view, I really hope that we can continue,” said Krack.

“Also, maybe the investment that he has made now over two years, he should also maybe be in a position to get something from it and not hand it to someone else later. But we’re confident that we can make this a success with the talks that we are having.”

The addition of Vettel has been a plus for the team. Some questioned it at the outset but with what he contributed thus far, he should see what he has done for the team and now perhaps reap the benefit in 2023 and beyond even. Krack added that, despite Aston Martin occupying ninth in the standings, both drivers have been dealing with the situation positively and pragmatically.

With the second half of the season now upon us, and Aston Martin lying second from bottom, the only way is up, they have been good in fits and starts, particularly Vettel. It is a tough place to be in but both the drivers have worked positively towards improvement.

“I think both drivers, we really have to say hats off, how they cope with it, how constructive they still are with us,” said Krack. “There is no bad word, nothing at all. We try to do this together, try to get out together, they give us very good feedback.

“And it would be easy for them to get frustrated but this is not what happens. Both Lance and Sebastian, they’re very constructive in all the meetings and you could not sense any lack of pushing or motivation from the current situation,” summed up Krack.

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