Frederic Vasseur credits Max Verstappen for his role in Red Bull’s dominance and he doesn’t feel he is doing any damage to F1.

Whenever a team dominates in a sport, questions about how much is it about the car and how much is it about the driver pops up often. This has happened with all champion drivers in the past and this will continue to happen in the future too.

That is how the game is. But Ferrari team boss has credited Verstappen too in the current dominance. He says the drivers do make a difference too even though the car is a dominant one. “It’s quite impossible to split between driver and team or car,” said Vasseur.

“The driver is also developing the car, he is also setting up the car that is part of the performance of the car. Now for sure when you see the result race after race that there is a big difference between the two teammates, but this is not my issue, it’s the issue of Red Bull,” summed up Vasseur.

The dominance also raises questions like if it is damaging the sport. This is a common theme with all such moments and Vasseur says it is not them but it is on the rivals to raise their levels to the fantastic job that Red Bull and Verstappen have done.

“It’s just that we have to do collectively a better job, it’s not that Max is damaging something,” said Vasseur. “Max is doing a fantastic job, Red Bull is doing a fantastic job, and it’s just that we have to do a better job. We can’t complain about Max or Red Bull.”

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