Lance Stroll notes the F1 penalty points he has been getting for minor offences is a ‘joke’, as Logan Sargeant and Sergio Perez add their views.

The F1 penalty points is back in question when several drivers are on the high point. Kevin Magnussen leads the chart with 10 – from the maximum of 12 – against his name followed by Sargeant and Perez on eight, Stroll with seven and Fernando Alonso with six.

The Dane is seriously in danger of a race ban considering his points cut will only happen now in March of 2025 where he has whole of 2024 to get through with only two points to play with. Even for Sargeant, Perez and Stroll, they will have to wait for few months.

With the ongoing shenanigans, Aston Martin have been asking questions with the FIA about the penalties and penalty points too. In fact, Alonso had a chat with Mohammed Ben Sulayem in Miami to discuss about the stewarding biasness in recent times.

Stroll notes the penalty points to be a joke on his side. “It’s a great question, I think mine was extremely frustrating,” he said regarding the penalty in China. “I think the penalty is one thing. I think to get penalty points for what it was, was a bit of a joke. I think a lot worse things happen throughout the weekend that you just get reprimanded for.

“I’ve had people in qualifying slow down in front of me, nearly have huge crashes, and nothing happens. But then when I cross the line at the same time as someone else and you can’t even see it, you get two penalty points. And I think it’s not a great direction to be heading in,” summed up Stroll.

The Canadian was backed by his former teammate Perez, who also faces a race ban if he gets four more points before September. “I think that already the penalties, sometimes you already pay the consequences for that and to add some penalty points, and given that we have now more races, I think it’s something that definitely should be looked at.

“Every incident if you see of all the points that every driver gets, there are a lot of points that are probably over the line, but the rule is there. But hopefully in the future it’s something that can be reviewed,” summed up Perez, while Sargeant added: “I mean, it is what it is. Penalty points aren’t going away.”

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