Frederic Vasseur says Ferrari needs to be more consistent with their F1 results considering how close the field is between P2 to P11.

While Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has been in a league of his own, his teammate Sergio Perez has been in the mix of cars involving Ferrari, Mercedes, Aston Martin and now McLaren to fight for the rest of the places in the points places.

They are more or less covered equally and closely which makes even few tenths important. On top of that, remaining consistent is key which is what Vasseur says Ferrari will have to aim for the rest of the season because things won’t change hugely.

“I’m happy that we did a strong weekend at Spa in every single condition, on wets, inters, slicks long stints, short stints, we were always there, it’s good for us,” said Vasseur to media. “Now we have to understand why we are more comfortable on some tracks than some others.

“But I think everybody is in the same situation, that we are all a bit inconsistent. Because you have one or two-tenths between the P2 and P10 it means that for characteristic of for tyre management or level of downforce that you choose at the beginning of the weekend, you can do a very strong one, or a poor one, and we don’t have to draw any definitive conclusion.

“But I think it will be like this until the end of the season, and we have to be more consistent, to understand where we are weak and why we are weak, and to try to minimise this kind of weekend,” summed up Vasseur.

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