Turkish GP has been re-added to the 2021 F1 calendar as a replacement of Singapore GP, as it slots in the middle to retain the triple-header.

F1 has re-added Istanbul Park to the 2021 calendar with Turkish GP to take place on the date of Singapore GP, on October 1-3 weekend. It slots in between Russian GP and Japanese GP, which will take place on September 26 and October 10, respectively.

Turkish GP was initially added on the 2021 F1 calendar as a replacement to Canadian GP, but the travel restrictions during that month made it impossible to be held. Canada was eventually replaced by a second race in Austria, which is taking place this weekend.

Now Turkish GP is re-added for F1 to continue to push towards the 23 race goal. While the first half looks settled, the second half may yet see changes with races like Japan, Brazil and Australia in a 50-50 situation, despite the positive talks around it.

“We are delighted to be coming back to Turkey to Intercity Istanbul Park circuit,” said Stefano Domenicali. “We hope to see another fantastic race again in one of the best tracks in the world. We want to thank the Intercity Istanbul Park management and Mr. Vural Ak for his personal efforts to make this event to happen.

“We have shown that we can continue to adapt and there is huge interest in our sport and the hope from many locations to have a Grand Prix. We have had very good conversations with all the other promoters since the start of the year and continue to work closely with them during this period.”

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