Toyota have interest on remaining into WEC and keep improving their history on the championship. But they won’t do it at any price. The japanese are waiting for the new regulations for 2019/20 superseason. They want rival son track and seeing that maybe the new regulations will make imposible that the other LMP1 competitors unable to challenge Toyota and that concerns the japanese team.

“We are interested in the 2020 regulations, which under the current discussions means GT Prototype cars. At the moment we don’t know enough about these regulations to really commit, but we are interested. If our interest is confirmed when the regulations are known, naturally we will be there [in 2019/20]”, clarify Pascal Vasselon, head of Toyota Gazoo Racing.

Either we are interested in 2020 and we bridge the gap, or we are not and then maybe we stop. At the moment the target is 2020 and we should not do anything to delay it. It should remain 2020, which is why the schedule starts to be a bit tight but still workable”, concludes Vasselon.