With the race already started, the fight is still open and both Audi and Porsche can win. Now comes the night and there is forecast of rain. Porsche leads the #17 LMP1, in LMP2 Oreca of KCMG and the Corvette # 64 AWG.


After two hours of racing, we watched as Lotterer in the Audi No. 7 achieved the lap record in the race, with 3:18:8.

In two hours we saw the first driver change. Nakajima Toyota climbed to #1 instead of Davidson. Just before we saw stops from Audi and Porsche but only to refuel.

But then the Audi No. 7 had problems, apparently a slow puncture that caused them to pit first. They changed their driver, tires and put gasoline. Treluyer climbed replacing Lotterer.

But when we were about to turn the 3rd hour of the race, Audi had a strong accident touching with a Ferrari when there was a double yellow flag. The Audi ended the front shattered on the wall but when it came to the pits, it took the mechanics little time to be repaired and returned to track.

The Safety Car was out to repair the barrier and pick up the pieces. It left the race and separated the Porsche #17 LMP1 fro the others.

On the restart, Treluyer in the Audi No. 7 was very fast and went to Porsche # 18, behind them, the Audi # 9 with a different strategy was lurking.

We spent 4 hours and had a nice race fighting for the lead in GTE Pro, a Corvette, two Aston Martin and Ferrari within 3 seconds. But then spun the Aston Martin # 97 and broke the group leaving the Corvette # 64 leader.

But in LMP1 after a good strategy, the Audi No. 9 was cutting time by Porsche # 17. Albuquerque was running very fast and set a new circuit record, 3: 18: 4. One lap later, the Portuguese fell even more, marking a 3: 17: 6.

We spent 5 hours of race, the Porsche # 68 GTE Am category had a spin at the first chicane.

Soon after, the Toyota # 1 had problems. First, Davidson suffered a touch with another driver but decided to follow because the damage was not worrisome. But soon after, the British had on the wall, having to make a long stop as the mechanics had to repair the steering and front.

The Gibson Greaves Motorsport had to leave after the car stopped after the Dunlop bridge. A few minutes later, the Oak Racing No. 34 ended in the gravel of Indianapolis.

After a new round of stops, the Audi No. 9 retook the lead in the race but was struggling with the Porsche #17. Behind them Treluyer in the Audi No. 7 seemed that he could also have options.

But Treluyer, with an incredible pace, retook the lead of the race after suffering a puncture and have fallen to sixth place. The Porsche # 17 dropped to second place and third Audi No. 9 continued.

The Audi No. 9 had a different strategy to Porsche # 17 and the Audi # 7, that despite all the problems of the latter and a stop, was only 15 seconds behind.

Barrier of 7 hours of racing have passed and Porsche had their first problem, the # 18 driven by Dumas spent braking in Mulsane and ended against the wall. He had to make a pit stop to change the nose.

Night falls in Le Mans and led the Porsche # 17 followed by Audi # 7 and # 9. In leading the LMP2 Oreca of KCMG followed by another Oreca, the TDS. Moreover in GTE Pro first continued by the Corvette # 64 followed by two Aston Martin, # 97 and # 99.

But before arriving at 8 hours of racing, the Alpine Signatechhad an accident in Moulsan that caused the Safety Car.