Mick Schumacher says his F1 race seat issue is secondary to him at the moment as he added on about the discussions with Sebastian Vettel regarding it.

Post the F1 French GP, a video surfaced of Haas’ Schumacher asking Aston Martin’s Vettel to check on his race seat, where the two had a small discussion in parc ferme. Few days on, the German elaborated about the topic during Styrian GP press conference.

In fact, Schumacher revealed that he already had this discussion with Vettel before the French GP during a BBQ and then showed him post-race on Sunday. But for the German, it doesn’t seem to be his primary trouble, as he puts it as a secondary issue for now.

He noted that he has had this issue in his junior years too and it has been there for him since the start of the 2021 F1 season. So basically, I’ve been sitting in a crooked position since the beginning of the season – just because the seat is central, but I am not straight,” said Schumacher.

“We’ve actually been talking about it before and I took the opportunity to show him. We just spoke about the seat and I think he gave my Mum the tip of maybe breaking it so I would get a new one sooner. But it didn’t happen in the end, so I’ve still got the same seat for now. It’s not as bad as maybe some might think.

“It’s a small offset, it’s something that I’ve been used too, let’s say, also in junior categories. And to be fair it doesn’t harm me in any way when driving. So, it’s something that for us right now is a secondary concern – for us it’s mostly about trying to get everything ready for the weekends and being prepared on that level and maybe setting out focus on something else instead of wasting it on something that is maybe not effecting me right now.

“But, as I said, it’s something that is in the plan and we’ll for sure after the summer break come back with something that might be a bit more centred. But, again, we’ve been working on it in the beginning of the season quite a lot, we’ve got to something that was comfortable enough for me to keep going. So, we just kept it, or we left it with that,” summed up Schumacher.

While the German said about the race seat, Vettel added about his advise he gave, but chuckled while noting that one shouldn’t take all of his advises seriously. It would’ve been in difficult to get a new one in a week, so don’t always follow the advice I give,” he said.

“The key is very simple – I spent so many years racing and we spoke about the seat during the last week and there’s always small things you can improve or look at, so I wanted to have a looked and we had a look.”

Here’s the video from France: https://twitter.com/F1/status/1406738631016988672?s=20

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