Alessandro Alunni Bravi says Alfa Romeo Sauber are not going to wait for Audi to come in to make changes and take the F1 team forward.

With Audi still some distance away to join the F1 grid, Alfa Romeo Sauber is not sitting around waiting for them to make changes whatever they wish to. It has been a slow start to the 2023 campaign for the Swiss-based team.

They looked strong in Bahrain, but since then have struggled to score points regularly with the likes of Haas and Williams looking a touch better than them. They are bringing in updates and not sitting idle thinking that the team’s future is secured with Audi.

They roped in Andreas Seidl from McLaren where the German isn’t looking at the day-to-day work but more the overall team’s situation as its CEO. Bravi, who became the ‘face’ of Alfa Romeo Sauber as the traditional team principal, says work is ongoing.

They don’t wish to sit around and wait. “I would say that Andreas started from the very first day to have a clear picture,” said Bravi. “He’s a very clever guy and of course he found a good organization and we are just analysing where to improve, in which area. Changes have already been put in place from the very beginning.

“As I always said, his focus is not just on our future but he’s working on a daily basis for the year and now. So it’s a work that is going in parallel. We want to deliver strong results in the next three years because we build our future now. We cannot wait for 2026 as many are thinking and Andreas is focused on both.

“Of course we have targets; we need to grow as a team. We needed to prepare our structure for when Audi will join in 2026 and we will become a works team. But we cannot wait for this time to make changes and to improve,” summed up Bravi.

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