Audi Motorsport provided new update with regards to its upcoming F1 programme during the ongoing Shanghai Auto Show.

With just three years to go for Audi to mark its presence in F1 as a power unit supplier, the German manufacturer has been quietly working on preparing the V6 Hybrid machine at its Neuburg base which is also undergoing expansion to fit the new world.

Under the Audi Formula Racing GmbH banner, they already have about 260 specialists working on the project at Neuburg. By the end of the year, they have the target to have 300 personnel who will be a mix of existing employees and hired expertise.

The team consists of employees from its electric racing programme, while they have also hired personnel externally – it remains to be seen which big fish they have managed to rope in. The first full hybrid drivetrain unit is likely to run on the test bench this year.

Audi is preparing to add additional test rigs for power unit development at Neuburg facility by the second half of the 2023 season. Looking at the sustainability aspect, the electricity and heat supply at the base is already CO2-neutral which is a big plus for them.

As known, Swiss-based Sauber Motorsport is going to run the F1 team for Audi, with a familiar name of Andreas Seidl running the show as its CEO. The cost cap factor is also being looked at, as a large-scale manufacturer will have to work at a lower cost.

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