RiO Motorsports revealed that they have won the contract to build the new circuit in Rio de Janeiro to host the F1 Brazil GP as they also released a circuit image.

Things are taking an interesting turn in Brazil as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro tries to go one up to each other every week with regards to hosting the F1 Brazil GP. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro revealed of the Rio bid earlier in May.

Bolsonaro stated about Liberty Media wanted to move to Rio from 2021 onward once the contract with Interlagos is over at the end of the 2020 F1 season. A new circuit is to be built in Deodoro region of Rio, deep into the city.

F1’s usual circuit designer Hermann Tilke is the person behind the design with RiO Motorsports taking the mantle of promoting the grand prix. As per the latest report on Globo Esporte, RiO Motorsports’ CEO JR Pereira confirmed of Rio switch on Monday.

“Today’s achievement is the contemplation of a work that began more than four years ago. We put together the best in the world in terms of technical capacity to guarantee Rio de Janeiro a racetrack with the most modern in motorsport on the planet,” he said.

Even though the USA-led company says that they have the deal in place, the Federal Public Prosecutor, meanwhile, filed a public civil action to suspend building of the race track, which is believed to not only host F1 but also the MotoGP race.

No notification has come from the court side regarding the prosecutor’s case over environmental factors. The cost of operation is said to be nearly 700 million Brazilian Real – which is about 155 million euros, with the money coming from the private sector.

“The proposal we brought to Rio seeks to present a design of a modern track, dynamic and full of emotion,” said Tilke. “At the same time, we think of a multidisciplinary space that allows a very wide range of use in other sports, serving every community in the region.”

While Bolsonaro said the circuit will be named after Aytron Senna but it is not confirmed yet. In fact, there is no confirmation from the F1 side yet on the switch despite these news as Interlagos, on the other hand, is pushing to keep the race in Sao Paulo.

The report also says that the construction will be carried out by the Spanish construction company Acciona, while the German company Sporttotal, which specialises in sports management and marketing, are also part of the consortium.

Rio de Janeiro, F1 Brazil GP circuit layout
Copyright: Globo Esporte, RiO Motorsports
Reproduction of Rio de Janeiro track (non-official) – Credit Globo Esport

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