Nikolay Martsenko will perform step GP3 Series in Spielberg for the team Hilmer Motorsport. 21-year-old aims to bring the team the best possible result.

Due to financial reasons Nikolay finished earlier this season of the World Series Renault, although showed excellent results: pilot regularly demonstrated a high rate in the third race of the season to win his first podium in the series and has risen overall in the top five.

This weekend at the Austrian highway in Spielberg Martsenko Hard test: Russian technology debuts at GP3, do not drive the car any test kilometers.

Hilmer Motorsport is the official partner of the Formula 1 team Sahara Force India, for which trains young talents, and spends his GP3 debut season. While the account team does not have any points, but Martsenko try to reverse the situation.

Nicholas will replace in the team of his compatriot Ivan Taranov. Despite the lack of experience of playing in a series aimed at Martsenko maximum result to prove from the best side.

Nikolay Martsenko: “I am very grateful to the team Hilmer Motorsport for the chance to perform in its composition on stage GP3 Series in Spielberg. Despite the lack of experience of piloting technique GP3, I will try to use all his skills to help the team and show it to the best possible result. It is very important to prove that I was not in vain that chance. I am familiar with the Austrian highway where during performances in the World Series by Renault regularly showed high speed. Now we are going through a difficult period, but I’m ready to fight and solve the maximum problem. “

Until an agreement Martsenko and Hilmer Motorsport involves speech at one stage, but the parties do not preclude the continuation of cooperation.