Pirelli Motorsport completed its quota of 18-inch F1 tyre test for 2019 with George Russell in Abu Dhabi at Yas Marina circuit.

After Renault and McLaren, Pirelli had Mercedes testing the 2021 18-inch tyres for two days with Williams driver Russell in Abu Dhabi at Yas Marina. It concluded on Monday, thereby officially ending any running for the year 2019 with respect to F1.

The Italian manufacturer is preparing the new F1 tyres for 2021 and had three teams confirmed to test it in 2019 with the data to be shared with every other outfit. There will be an extensive test programme scheduled in 2020 with 25 days.

Over the Abu Dhabi GP weekend, Pirelli confirmed to FormulaRapida.net that all the 10 F1 teams will prepare the mule car to test the 18-inch tyres. In Abu Dhabi, Russell undertook 218 laps in all with 100 on Sunday and 118 on Monday in a mule car.

It was the British racer’s first time on the 18-inch compound as he joined Sergey Sirotkin, Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz on the F1 side. While Pirelli progresses on the 2021 tyres, the question mark remains on 2020 side with decision due today.

After the running in US GP and also the two days in Abu Dhabi, none were impressed by the 2020 tyres as they felt it to be on the slower side. They didn’t think it to be an improvement, even though they ran with lower pressure during the test.

Pirelli is fine to keep the 2019 tyres in 2020 as well by altering the pressure to match with the new F1 car but for the change to happen, seven F1 teams have to vote for it through an e-vote today – the process may be underway/completed by now.



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