McLaren Racing says there is no changes in its deal with Mercedes for 2021 F1 season despite the regulations push to 2022.

With COVID-19 pandemic creating havoc worldwide, F1 teams along with the FIA and Pirelli Motorsport decided to push the to-be 2021 technical regulations to 2022. Only the Cost Cap will continue as planned, with the 2020 chassis continuing next year.

The change was needed as F1 teams are uncertain when the 2020 season will start with the pandemic already creating a financial toll. For this reason, the Cost Cap stays and the FIA will freeze certain development parts for 2021 which will be conveyed once ready.

The regulations push, though, puts certain other F1 deals in a bit of a fix. One of the change was the 18-inch Pirelli tyres, which were to make its debut in 2021 along with the brand new car. It remains to be seen what changes will happen for tyres next year.

Among teams, McLaren are to switch to Mercedes power unit from Renault. The idea was to design a F1 car around the German engine with all the technical changes to come but it looks like the Woking-based outfit will have to adjust the unit with the 2020 chassis.

Once the rule changes were announced, connected with the F1 team to understand if it will change their deal but McLaren stated that nothing changes in their to-be partnership with Mercedes and all is going as per the plan.

Should it go like that, McLaren will have to make adjustments on the MCL36 – which will essentially have the MCL35 chassis – to have the Mercedes power unit fitted and also performing to the optimum level. This will be an extra work, certainly.

It will be interesting to see how they cope with it along with working on the 2022 car. Apart from McLaren, even Racing Point is to become Aston Martin F1 Racing. It was supposed to have the brand new car but instead they will have to carry on with the 2020 machine.

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