Felipe Massa’s legal team has given another extension to the FIA and FOM to respond in their matter which is likely to be the final extension.

The wait of a response from the FIA an FOM on the case filed by Massa and his legal team will continue on until November 15 after another extension was agreed upon the Brazilian’s team on the grounds that internal investigation is ongoing.

The matter revolves around the 2008 F1 championship which was won by McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton against Ferrari’s Massa in the finale. The contentious point is the Singapore GP results which was eventually ‘rigged’ due to Renault’s crashgate situation.

The results never changed by the FIA, who chose to ban people involved in the case rather than make any changes to the results. While it is unsure if the results can change now, but Massa reckons he lost lot due to the lost championship and wants to regain name.

It is unclear if FIA can award the title to him but even if they acknowledge him as a champion could be ‘justice’ for Massa apart from any financial compensation. But it is a sensitive situation since any move can open up can of worms for the governing body.

The 2021 season is still fresh in the minds of the F1 fans and everyone will be waiting to see what the FIA does. “FIA and FOM are completing an internal investigation,” said Bernardo Viana. “They have requested one last extension to the deadline they initially asked for, from October 12th to November 15th.

“We have agreed to this final period because, if the new administration is indeed looking into the matter in good faith, they will certainly reach the same conclusion we and so many people around the world have. We would like to know what Formula 1’s new leadership’s position is on the recently disclosed scandal and the injustice faced by Felipe Massa,” he summed up.

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