Nico Jamin has taken his first victory in Indy Lights Series during Race 1 of Barber (Alabama) round. The Frenchman has done the same as the rookie’s Telitz and Herta, who already won races as rookies. The podium was completed by Kaiser and Alberico.

Start: Rookies caused Urrutia retire

The race start wasn’t the clearest of history… Colton Hera (Andretti Steinbrenner Racing) damaged the front-wing when he was taken the lead of the race ahead of Kyle Kaiser (Juncos Racing), while a contact between Pato O’Ward (Team Pelfrey) and Santi Urruita (Belardi Auto Racing) caused the Caution situation.

Urrutia, O’Ward and Aaron Telitz (Belardi Auto Racing) as well, joined the pits to change their damaged wings, with Urrutia changing the rear wing, losing 3 laps.

But Herta stayed on track one more lap with a damaged front wing. The driver of the 98 machine, pulled a gap of 15 seconds over Kaiser during the caution period before coming to the pits. When he made the front wing change, he was reported to the back of the group because of not slowing down during the caution period.

Jamin didn’t waste time

When the green flag returned on track, Kaiser lost the lead of the race and the victory with Nico Jamin (Andretti Autosport). The Frenchman would finally win the race by more than 2 seconds.

Neil Alberico (Carlin) secured the last spot of the podium ahead of their team mates, Matheus Leist and Zachary Claman de Melo who overtook Dalton Kellet (Andretti Autosport) for fifth position.

Comeback phase: O’Ward and Herta on a mission

Following first lap incidents, O’Ward was down to tenth position. Despite that, the runner-up of Pro Mazda was able to overtake Nicolas Dapero (Juncos Racing) and Juan Piedrahita (Team Pelfrey) for a final eight place. Seventh finished Shelby Blackstock (Belardi Auto Racing).

More complicated it was for Hera starting from 14th at the re-start, moment when the Californian overtook Rickards (Carlin) and Telitz for 12th.  Then he spent 4 laps to overtake team mate, Ryan Norman for 11th. At the end he finished 10th after overtake Piedrahita who was out of pace.


Pos Driver Team Gap
1 Nico Jamin R Andretti Autosport 30 Laps
2 Kyle Kaiser Juncos Racing 2,6525
3 Neil Alberico Carlin 3,5386
4 Matheus Leist R Carlin 6,8921
5 Zachary Claman de Melo Carlin 7,931
6 Dalton Kellet Andretti Autosport 11,6353
7 Shelby Blackstock Belardi Auto Racing 23,4746
8 Pato O’Ward R Team Pelfrey 23,6997
9 Nicolas Dapero R Juncos Racing 24,2379
10 Colton Herta R Andretti Steinbrenner Racing 25,0465
11 Juan Piedrahita Team Pelfrey 26,12
12 Ryan Norman R Andretti Autosport 26,9117
13 Aaron Telitz R Belardi Auto Racing 27,5634
14 Garth Rickards R Carlin 31,5943
15 Santi Urrutia Belardi Auto Racing Contact